Funk Family

Fred Fonston Funk

FRED FONSTON12 FUNK (GLADYS11 HEDENSKOG, NORA10 FARRAR, CLINTON9, JOSIAH8, JOSIAH7, ZEBEDIAH6, DANIEL5, DANIEL4, GEORGE3, JACOB2, JACOB1) was born June 18, 1919 in Colorado, and died January 09, 1980 in Livingston, Montana. He married AVIS CHAPEL December 19, 1950, daughter of CHAPEL.

Children of FRED FUNK and AVIS CHAPEL are:
29. i. LEETA13 FUNK, b. December 14, 1948.
30. ii. CLYDE FUNK, b. June 05, 1952.
31. iii. LOREN FUNK, b. June 07, 1957.
iv. KEVIN FUNK, b. June 10, 1964.

Clyde Funk

Tess and Loren's Wedding 1979

Tess and Loren's Kids

Josiah and Lige

Keven Funk 19XX

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