Funk Family

Sarah Irene Funk

. SARAH IRENE FUNK KNOWN AS12 IRENE (GLADYS11 HEDENSKOG, NORA10 FARRAR, CLINTON9, JOSIAH8, JOSIAH7, ZEBEDIAH6, DANIEL5, DANIEL4, GEORGE3, JACOB2, JACOB1) was born June 27, 1935, and died December 1976. She married (1) JAMES HUGH DOYLE July 03, 1952 in San diego, California. She married (2) JACK COLLINS 1958 in Prescott, Arizona.

Children of SARAH IRENE and JAMES DOYLE are:
42. i. RICKY LEE DOYLE CHANGED TO13 COLLINS, b. January 31, 1954.
43. ii. JULIE ANN DOYLE CHANGED TO COLLINS, b. December 15, 1955.

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