Funk/Rome Family Tree
Ed Funk & Mary Rome


Married: March 31, 1950

Mary Born: August 08, 1933

Ed Born: May 19, 1928

MARY CHRISTINE ROME (LESSIE PEARL WILKERSON (AKA-9 LOUISE), BESSIE LEE-8 GRAPES, JOHN JAMES-7, WILLIAM-6, MARGARET-5 DOUGHERTY, JOHN-4, MOSES-3, LILLY-2 BLAIR, ANDREW1-) was born August 08, 1933 in 304 South " F" Street, Livingston, Montana. She married EDWARD CHARLES FUNK March 31, 1950 in Livingston, Montana, son of JAMES FUNK and GLADYS HEDENSKOG. Divorced

Children of MARY ROME and EDWARD FUNK are:

MICHAEL LESTER FUNK, b. January 31, 1951, Livingston, Montana.
COLLEEN SUSAN FUNK, b. January 03, 1952, Livingston, Montana.
KATHLEEN MARIE FUNK, b. July 25, 1953, Plentywood, Montana.
RUSSELL JED FUNK, b. July 10, 1954, Arlington, California.

Russ, Kathy, Colleen, Mike,
Mary and Ed Funk 1972

Funks and Romes 1997

Mike, Colleen
Kathy & Russ

Mary (Rome) Funk

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