Rome Family Tree




Married: June 25, 1938

Born: April 25, 1919 - May 02, 1992

William Born: September 03, 1916 - April 11, 1981

PANSY LEE WILKERSON AKA JESSIE MORNING (BESSIE LEE-8 GRAPES, JOHN JAMES-7, WILLIAM-6, MARGARET-5 DOUGHERTY, JOHN-4, MOSES-3, LILLY-2 BLAIR, ANDREW-1) was born April 25, 1919 on K Street in Livingston, Montana, and died May 02, 1992 in Longview, Washington of brain cancer. She married (1) HARVEY HANDY in Washington. She married (2) WILLIAM JAMES MILNE June 25, 1938 in Roundup, Montana or Lewistown.

JESSIE EILEEN MORNING AKA PANSY: was adopted by William and Elizabeth Morning September 22, 1922,
William Morning- Born in Scotland 10-31-1876
Elizabeth Nelson-Born in Scotland 6-11-1880
They were married 4-25-1902. They lived in Roundup, Montana


BONNIE EILEEN MILNE, b. April 29, 1939, Roundup, Montana; Stepchild.
BETTY LOUISE MILNE, b. August 12, 1940, Roundup, Montana.
BARBARA JEAN MILNE, b. September 29, 1945, Lewistown, Montana.
RONALD JAMES MILNE, b. September 30, 1950, Billings, Montana Killed in action.; d. May 12, 1970, Vietnam. His helicopter was shot down. Two others were with him. He was E-4or Sp-4. Crewchief on the helicopter.

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